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Fernando Fracassi: Introitus for Chinese Dizu Flute and Electronics
(from Lebensmelodien, 2018)






Given the emergency due to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19, the Brazilian Concert Tour and Masterclass (May, 15th-30th 2020) and the other Fernando Fracassi summer concerts and recitals 2020 have been postponed to the next Spring and Summer 2021.
All live activities of the artist are suspended until the end of emergency.
You will find the updated calendar on this official website to the page Upcoming Performances as soon as health and policy authorities of the various Countries will authorize the restoration of normal artistic, cultural and didactic activities.


Leonardo and Music, the last play by Fernando Fracassi inspired to the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci in relation to his time (Renaissance), commissioned by the Italian Consolate of Jerusalem (Israel) to celebrate the 500th Anniversary from the death of the Italian genius, will be replied during 2021.
The radio version of the show will be broadcast by FFM Web Radio on September 2020 and the original text with all soundtracks will be available for purchasing from the same month on FFM Store.
Read more about the play making click on the image below.

Leonardo and Music
Al Haqawati National Palestinian Theater (Jerusalem, Israel, 2019)



Babesch, the story with music by Fernando Fracassi that traces the history of the great Western Instrumental Classical Music from J.S.Bach to F.Poulenc, a concert-lesson and CD that have fascinated the audience internationally from 2013 to the present day, will be performed again in 2021.
The radio version of the show will be broadcast by FFM Web Radio during Summer 2020. The original text of the show will be available by September 2020 together with the homonym CD containing all the compositions performed live during the play with music. The compact disc, published by FFM Records, is already available for purchasing on FFM Store (CDs section). Please refer to the page Audio of this website to listen to free tracks taken from this album.
Read more about Babesch making click on the image above.


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