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Soshanguve Music Project and Orchestra
Soshanguve Music Project and Orchestra, (Soshanguve, Tswane, South Africa) – Fernando Fracassi (Conductor)

“Music activates the secret language of the heart. It is the royal gateway to share our emotions, universal love and support people everywhere. There is a lot of passion in my music and my mission is to present unforgettable moments of joy to anyone through it and my flutes…”

                                                                                                      Fernando Fracassi




UE ♦ Flutes and Live Electronic Solo Recital

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Fernando Fracassi in 'Lebensmelodien´
Kunsthaus Michel, Würzburg, Germany, 2018 – ‘Lebensmelodien’   Recorders, Böhm and Ethnic Flutes, Piccolo, WX5 and Live Electronics – Solo Recital





BAch, BEethoven, SCHumann

Story with Music in two parts by Fernando Fracassi

Copyright © 2013

Fernando Fracassi : Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo and Narrator

Anna Balint : Piano

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