The new Fernando Fracassi´s album, distributed in liquid music version only (12 tracks and booklet will be sent directly to your email address as attachments) will be ready for purchasing by 01.03.2021 on our FFM Store at the price of € 19,00.
Watch now the promotional video on our YouTube channel:

The new audio book by Fernando Fracassi about Imaginative Music and its applications against Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia will be ready for download by 01.03.2021. Book your copy today sending us an E-mail without obligation. You will pay € 25,00 (VAT included) by PayPal only when this essay will be available on our FFM Store.

A series of 12 thematic FLAC/Mp3 will be produced by Fernando Fracassi Music for the use of Imaginative Music in Counseling and Psychotherapy of the Imaginary.
Fernando Fracassi performs original music on ancient, traditional and ethnic flutes combined with electronics, concrete music (sounds of nature) and sound effects of everyday life to support the therapist or counselor in his professional session. The albums are thematic by virtue of the focus of each session.
Listen now to a free track taken from the CD No. 1 (Relaxation): Introitus (focus: preliminary relaxation, start of the session) or buy the CD now at our FFM Store.
At moment, the FLAC/MP3 of Imaginative Music available for purchasing are the No. 1 (Relaxation) and the No. 2 (Conversation) only.

The Fernando Fracassi Flute Studio has started his activity in coincidence with the beginning of the new year 2021.
Fernando Fracassi offers online Flute courses and lessons as video tutorials to learn comfortably at your home, and when you have time available, all kinds of ancients (recorders) or modern (Böhm system) flutes and piccolos such as a great part of ethnic flutes (tin whistles, shakuhachi, Chinese dizi, etc.).
You will pay with PayPal € 1,00 ONLY by recording-minute. It will be calculated in function of the duration of the reply-video performed by Fernando Fracassi at his recording studio only for you and sent to your E-mail address as an attachment. On the contrary, your video will be viewed by the teacher for free. The available languages for video tutorials are: English, Italian and German (only subtitles from the English or Italian version).
Have a look to the promotional video below for general information:

For residential (at Fernando Fracassi Music Studio in Würzburg) or live online teaching (face-to-face lessons over the Skype or Zoom or Google Meet), please visit this page.

A new, alternative recording studio by Fernando Fracassi Music is now available exclusively for on demand projects (audiobooks, compact discs, Mp3, backing tracks, advertisements, soundtracks, etc.) in the surroundings of Würzburg (Bavaria, Germany).
Visit the related page for all details.

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