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Projects 2022

Kammermusik für Soloflöte
Chamber Music for Solo Flute
(on You Tube)


The last Fernando Fracassi´s album is currently available for purchasing at the principal online music store. Listen to audioclips from each track on Hearnow and buy your copy on Amazon.

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The new original story with music by Fernando Fracassi written to celebrate the 100th anniversary from the birth of the Italian poet, writer and movie director in 2022. Watch to the promotional video .

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An innovative method by Fernando Fracassi to combat stress disorders, anxiety and insomnia throuth Imaginative Music CDs and audiobooks.

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Live performances


Lebensmelodien represents a fascinating project and an uncommon musical event in the panorama of the current musical offer. Fernando Fracassi alone on stage alternates various Böhm and ethnic flutes, recorders, wind midi controllers, ocarinas, whistles, etc. letting himself be accompanied by live electronics, synthesized voices, synthesizers, vocal processors, loop stations, sound effects, sounds of nature. The repertoire ranges from Electroacoustic Music to World Music, from Film Music to Classical Music up to Light Rock atmospheres. An unmissable live occasion! Consult the recital calendar by clicking on the button below:

Streaming Concerts

Fernando Fracassi will perform for you in streaming from his private home recording studio in Würzburg (Bavaria, Germany) during 2022. The repertoire includes a wide selection of Classical, Soundtracks and Progressive Electronic compositions near to his original music. There are also broadcasts on this channel dedicated to his stories in music such as some Fernando Fracassi Educational contents. You will find all appointments visiting the page Program-Schedule of this website.

Fernando Fracassi Educational

Fernando Fracassi Educational is a new and innovative cultural project which aims to produce and broadcast audio, video and texts of cultural and educational content. The multimedia and popular medium used by Fernando Fracassi for this goal are a dedicated YouTube channel and a page on Spreaker (Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast).
Some live streaming will be also broadcast on Fernando Fracassi´s Twitch Channel. The contents are both free and paid through a donation as a supporter of Fernando Fracassi Music using the online financial services of Patreon, PayPal or Stripe.

Support the project becoming a member of our community and enjoy podcasts, videos, tutorials, webinars, streaming, conferences, live chat, online courses, e-books, e-scores.
Learn more about the topics proposed by reading a monthly newszine published by Fernando Fracassi Music on this site.

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Spreaker ↗

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Schedule January 2022 ↗

Consult the detailed monthly program schedule of Fernando Fracassi Educational and discover all the contents and the related broadcast platforms (YouTube, Spreaker, Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, Audible, Anchor, and Twitch)

YouTube Channel

Watch video, tutorials, interviews and follow live streaming with Fernando Fracassi and his guests on our YouTube Channel. Chat live with us and other Fernando Fracassi Music Community members and enjoy music, Literary, Comparative and Performing Arts

Fernando Fracassi ´s primary
You Tube Channel

The Fernando Fracassi´s primary You Tube Channel for Music and Theatre. Enjoy live performances and studio productions by Fernando Fracassi by accessing its contents from this site.

Comparative Arts

Comparative Arts explores the dynamic interaction between Literature, Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Film, and Digital Arts. Through comparison of different forms of creative expressions, the field analyzes every compositional style of each single work and places it in direct relationship with the other arts and in particular with Music.


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Learn flute, piccolo, wind midi controller, recorders and ethnic flutes quietly in your home with Fernando Fracassi. Listen to Flute and Piccolo tutorials and podcasts, audio clips or watch to instructional videos to improve your playing. Contact us now to know more about our offer.

Relax with flute music taken from Classical, Ambient and Soundtracks repertoires and performed by Fernando Fracassi, Angela Picco (piano) and Saida Khalilova (piano).
Click here to enjoy all music audio clips or listen to some of them using the audio player below.

Fernando Fracassi – Lebensmelodien
Fernando Fracassi – Imaginative Music (Intro)
Fernando Fracassi – Simply myself

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