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Fernando Fracassi: Introitus for Chinese Dizu Flute and Electronics
(from Lebensmelodien, 2018)








 280th Years from the death of the great Venetian Composer

(Venice 1678 – Vienna 1741)


Vivaldi 2021 -

Dates and location of the Solo Concerts 2021 will be communicated shortly to the page Upcoming Performances of this website.



Cd cover 'Babesch'

The great History of Western Classical Instrumental Music from Johann Sebastian Bach to Francis Poulenc

Fernando Fracassi: Piccolo, Concert Flute, Alto Flute, Narrator
Angela Picco: Piano

The story with music written by Fernando Fracassi who has conquered an international audience in seven years of performances, will be re-proposed in 2021. Don’t miss this event! You will find the dates and locations of the next live performances shortly to the page Upcoming Performances of this site.
The CD containing all compositions performed during the show is already available for purchasing at FFM Store, the official Fernando Fracassi Music online shop available at this website. Listen here to some selected audio tracks taken from the CD. 

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