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Soshanguve Music Project and Orchestra
Soshanguve Music Project and Orchestra, (Soshanguve, Tswane, South Africa) – Fernando Fracassi (Conductor)

“Music activates the secret language of the heart. It is the royal gateway to share our emotions, universal love and support people everywhere. There is a lot of passion in my music and my mission is to present unforgettable moments of joy to anyone through it and my flutes…”

                                                                                                      Fernando Fracassi

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Palestina ♦ Flute Course at `Daniel Baremboim – Edward Said Foundation` (Ramallah, West Bank)

27th October 2018 – 05th July 2019


Fernando Fracassi - Portrait
Fernando Fracassi – Flute Teacher at Daniel Baremboim/Edward Said Foundation, Ramallah, West Bank

For information:

Baremboim Said

Barenboim – Said Foundation
An-Nuzha Street 25

Green Tower Building
Ramallah, West Bank

Baremboim Said Youth Orchestra (Ramallah, West Bank)
The Baremboim Said Youth Orchestra (Ramallah, West Bank) and teachers during the tour in Turkey (Ankara, Turkey, 2018)




UE ♦ Flutes and Live Electronic Solo Recital

New European Dates 2019 coming soon!!!


Fernando Fracassi in 'Lebensmelodien´
Kunsthaus Michel, Würzburg, Germany, 2018 – ‘Lebensmelodien’   Recorders, Böhm and Ethnic Flutes, Piccolo, WX5 and Live Electronics – Solo Recital



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