Fernando Fracassi and William Bennett
Fernando Fracassi and William Bennett at The Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra during a masterclass of the British flutist for the students at ROSO (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 2011)

South Africa  SOUTH AFRICA


Mike Rossi

Head of Jazz Studies Department at University of Cape Town (UCT), South African College of Music, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, 05.02.2014

“I have known Fernando for the past eight months and in that time he has distinguished himself as one of South Africa’s premiere flutists…
I have worked with Fernando on a number of occasions and have witnessed firsthand his vast musical knowledge of classical, jazz, Latin based flute literature, prodigious instrumental technique, and a wide range of performance practice techniques. Fernando has also gone beyond the traditional cannon/repertoire to include music from other cultures, and is a strong advocate for the study of and importance of Music Therapy.
On a personal note, Fernando is extremely well liked and highly respected among his students and professionals in the field. As an educator, it is extremely satisfying to see the manner in which Fernando has dedicated himself to his craft and studies, and how he inspires those around him to perform beyond expectation. His ability to function at the Graduate level, and work independently is without question.
In closing, I would rank Mr. Fernando Fracassi in the top five percent of musicians I have encountered throughout my twenty five plus years of performing and teaching…”


South Africa  SOUTH AFRICA


Arisa Voges

Director of Music at University of South Africa, UNISA Music Foundation, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa, 29.01.2014

“I met the Italian Flutist, Fernando Fracassi, in November last year when he visited UNISA to give a workshop for students from our Soshanguve Music Project and Orchestra.
Mr. Fracassi created and excellent rapport with his students. He motivated them tremendously through his enthusiastic, energetic presentation and empathetic guidance.
His workshop was followed up by several other masterclasses and concerts in and around Pretoria which where all very well received and attended. He generated much support and loyalty from the students that he worked with…”




Steve Mead

Senior Tutor at Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, United Kingdom, 09.07.2008

“Immediately that I met Fernando I was impressed from his professionalism, his musical discipline, his kindness and human skills, and great language abilities.
During the several recording sessions that I made with the Italian Army Band Fernando was a model professional musician and totally trustworthy in every respect. I have followed his career with interest since that time and can give him my absolute highest recommendation as a musician and teacher that you can trust 100%…
A very good player, colleague, yet with a strong disciplined approach, based on sound method and the dedication to his art. I do hope you will enjoy Fernando Fracassi”.




Thomas Fraschillo

Senior Conductor at The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA, 06.07.2008

‘Mr. Fracassi is an exceptional flutist with excellent technical and musical skills that also encompass the piccolo. With a most adaptable tone quality he is comfortable in all musical mediums: chamber music, band and orchestra.
His knowledge of the literature for all of these areas is extensive. I recommend him to anyone seeking and excellent performer in any of the above areas”.


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