Fernando Fracassi - Portrait
Fernando Fracassi – Flute Teacher at Daniel Baremboim/Edward Said Foundation, Ramallah, West Bank

Near the activity of performer (Flutist and Piccolo Soloist and Recitalist), Fernando Fracassi have a parallel activity as a teacher.

Actually, he holds Masterclass internationally.

The subjects of his teaching, near obviously Flute and Piccolo, concerns all other Complementary Modern Flutes of the Böhm family (Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Double Bass Flute and Sub-Double Bass Flutes), Recorders (from Sopranino to Bass Recorder), Ethnic Flutes coming from the various Continents (i.e. Japanese Shakuhachi, Romanian Arguol, South American Pan Flute or Tarka, etc.) till amplified and modified Flutes and Piccolos in combination with Electronics.

Fernando Fracassi proposes lessons, courses and classes related also to theoretical subjects: History and Aesthetics of Music, Theory, Harmony, Organology, etc. offering lessons both online and/or at his private studio in Germany.

We invite you to visit the single pages of this section if you would like to take part to a Masterclass, Annual Course or have music lessons online, by webinars and/or by person.

Read carefully the information displayed in the page of the music service which you would like to receive and contact us for instructions.


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