Fernando Fracassi - Portrait
Fernando Fracassi – Flute Annual Course at Daniel Baremboim/Edward Said Foundation, Ramallah, West Bank

Don’t have time to attend a music school, University or Conservatory of Music? Do you live away from a local musical institution? Do you want to prepare ABRSM or Music University exams or just play for fun with your friends? Disability? Contact us and live your passion! First, we will take care to schedule your free trial lesson such as your entire online course with Fernando Fracassi in function of your availability, location, goal to achieve, language and eventual other needs.
In addition, we will provide to send you by email scores and original backing tracks to use as a support for an easy, funny and comfortable learning at your home.

If you are a beginner, Fernando Fracassi will guide you step by step from the choosing and purchasing of a good instrument and accessories for learning to the basic technique (position, articulation, fingerings, tonguing, scales, arpeggios, etc.), from the performance of daily practice exercises and easy compositions to a small live performance for your family and friends.
If you already play Flute or Piccolo from several years, you will improve your technique and performance skills with the support of Fernando Fracassi and be ready to perform different styles with other musicians, from Classical to Jazz, from Easy Listening to Pop-Rock. Besides, you can also choose to prepare your ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (UK), Music University or Conservatory of Music exams (included Theory, Harmony and History and Aesthetics of Music) till the final certificates through finalized programs.
In the eventuality you are a just graduated student at Conservatory of Music or Music University and you would like to prepare an audition to be a member of a professional Symphonic Orchestra or, alternately, want to be trained to be a Flute or Piccolo soloist for recitals or public concert with accompaniment of orchestra or symphonic bands, Fernando Fracassi will be to your side step by step during the preparation of your competition or public live performance practicing together solo excerpts from the lyric or symphonic repertoire such as solo concerts which are often required from artistic directors internationally.
Fernando Fracassi own and plays around fifty ethnical flutes, recorders and piccolos coming from all over the world.
Do you want learn how to play an Irish Tin Whistle, a baroque Sopranino Recorder, a Japanese Shakuhachi or a Chinese Dizi?
Are you a Rock, Progressive,  Soundtracks, Latin Jazz or World Music lover and would like to perform your favorite compositions in one or more of this styles on your Flute, Piccolo or Recorder?
No problem! You will be able after only some months to perform standard Latin Jazz or Rock song, traditional melodies or use your Shakuhachi for meditation.
We will send you by E-mail all learning material (scores, methods, Mp3, etc.) which you will use for your practice.
In addition, you can require personalized arrangements to use as background music. They will be recorded professionally at Fernando Fracassi Music Studio and produced only for you!


You can require to attend the lesson indifferently in English or Italian.


There are no limit of age to receive lessons by Fernando Fracassi. However, it is recommended to begin Flute studies for students over 9 years of age.
For the little ones, a pre-training course with different modalities and costs is suggested. Fernando Fracassi Music is at your disposal to present you with other personalized offers.


If you are interested to study online with Fernando Fracassi or to guest a residential workshop for your Institution, contact us.
We will be in touch with you and schedule an online meeting with you to discuss all details of collaboration and economical conditions.

Fernando Fracassi with some of his students at the annual Flute course @ Daniel Barenboim-Edward Said Foundation (Ramallah, West Bank, 2019)
The Filistine Youth Musicians Orchestra (Ramallah, West Bank) and teachers during the tour in Turkey (Ankara, Turkey, 2018)
Fernando Fracassi with his student Mohammed – The Royal Guards of Oman Military School of Music (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 2010)

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