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Konstantin Sergeevič Alekseev Stanislawsky was a famous Russian actor and director (1863-1938). He founded the Moskow Art Theater in 1898 and started to elaborate his system in 1906.

Stanislawsky opened his first studio in 1911 to train students to his system and his method became very popular in USA in a very short time. A great part of famous Russian ans American actress and actors received a regular instruction to Stanislawsky system and apply regularly his tecnique to their performances.

Fernando Fracassi elaborated a variation of the original Stanislawsky system to be apply only to able-bodied Clients in a temporary state of difficulty (stress management, fear, anxiety, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc.) during Counselling sessions. The system can be used successfully also as a self-experience to discover the inner world of the participants to the group. The objective is that to intervene in a natural way on the emotional, cognitive or motorial areas and for ear and vocal re-education. This method is called: ´Stanislawsky-Fracassi system´.

The general details of the Stanislawsky system and its adaptation for Counselling by Fernando Fracassi are briefly displayed below.


  • Preparation
  • Motivation
  • Trust


  • Body and Voice must be very carefully trained
  • Training on stage as rieducation
  • Skilled observance of reality as basis for building a rule (surrounding, people, objects, etc.)
  • Deep analysis of the script and of the role


  • Inner justification for everything done on stage (Why?)
  • Magic IT (What if…?)
  • Objective or ´through line´ or ´Super- objective´ (“What I really want to achieve as a goal in a particular scene or in the context of the entire play? “)
  • Given circumstances (actor/actress previous life, his characteristics, his physical aspect, etc.)


  • Experiencing the emotion not pretending
  • Emotional recall or Emotional memory
  • Being ´in the moment´ (be in the action)
  • ´Illusion of the first time´(acting must appear always as a novelty for the audience)


  • Affective memory recall
  • Inner journey to discover our hiden psychology
  • Relaxation, posture and energizing (using the ´Alexander Technique´)
  • No-verbal language espression
  • Liberalization of emotions, feelings, moods, creativity and Imagery


  • It represent a variation of the original Stanislawsky system and it is applied only to Counselling
  • It is NOT a kind of psyhotherapy or medical treatment. Of consequence, it will be not used to treat pathologies
  • It is based on the integration of Music, Movement, Sound Improvisation and Singing in the pre-exsisting Stanislawsky System.

The group of work add to Stanislawsky exercises:

  • Music improvisation
  • Spontaneous movement and dance
  • Body percussion
  • Voice exploration
  • Music and Imagination

For further information or to be part of a Stanislawsky-Fracassi system work group in Reichenberg (Würzburg, Germany), please contact us.



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