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Soshanguve Orchestra Musicians and Fernando Fracassi
Fernando Fracassi during his masterclass for UNISA, University of South Africa (Pretoria) dedicated to South African disadvantaged children and concerning the humanitarian project ‘Soshanguve Music Project and Orchestra’ (Soshanguve, Tswane, Republic of South Africa, 2013)

My work would not be possible without all the courageous organizers, wonderful colleagues and enthusiastic audiences out there.

Besides, there are a number of institutions, companies or private clients that have supported financially different projects of Fernando Fracassi Music (such as fundraiser, live performances, publications, recording, teaching, etc.) over the past two years.

Their contribution has been precious and has allowed me to organize musical, cultural and social activities, in partnership with other organizers worldwide, realizing shows and cultural events for special audience and students especially outside the traditional circuits of concert halls, theaters or Universities.

Thanks to the kind participation of sponsors and supporter, I have been able to teach, perform, organize events and fundraising for disadvantaged people living and working with them daily in sensitive areas like the Republic of South Africa and West Bank (Palestine).

I would like to thank all my supporters for their active participation and invite new members to be part of the international family of Fernando Fracassi Music.

If you are interested to sponsor one of my upcoming projects, send your payment by PayPal using the formular below.

The supporter quote for the year 2020 is: € 90,00.

You will receive periodically a newsletter and will be informed about all new initiatives of Fernando Fracassi Music for social and promotion of culture for the ‘less fortunate’ people following the project development from conception to realization.

I thank you all in advance for your contribution and hope to meet you soon by person or over the web!


Fernando Fracassi



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