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The Fernando Fracassi Music Recording Studio is fully equipped to create Classical Chamber Music CD, Soundtracks for movies or documentaries, productions for radio, television, dance or play, advertisements, jingles, Ambient Music for professional studios, voice over, audio books, special pieces for yoga, meditation, imagery or relaxation, speech, recording for religious destination, backing tracks for karaoke, arrangements, piano accompaniment, demos or literary projects.

Prices are related to the working hours for recording, mixing, editing and mastering the various tracks and, in the eventuality of original music, they are defined in function of the complexity of the commissioned work and the final professional goal to achieve.

We realise and print scores for copyright registration and provide to design both graphics and photos for the front and back covers near to the internal booklet.

You can choose the final magnetic support (DVD or CDs) or Pen Drive and will get the mastered version of your product directly to your home or professional studio by email or by express courier within few days after the production registration.



Recording studio Reichenberg
Fernando Fracassi Music – Recording Studio

Analogical Mixer

Analogical Mixer 1202 VLZ 4 8 channels model by Mackie (USA)


Audio Interfaces

Audio Interface Clarett 4 Pre by Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. (United Kingdom)



Monster  (USA)



By: Altex (USA), Hama (Germany), Kaway (Japan), Leitz (Germany), Novation (USA), Ross (Italy), Samsonite (Germany), Steinway & Sons (Germany), Thon (Germany), Tucano (Italy), Yamaha (Japan)


Computers, I Pad, I Pod and accessories

iMac Pro by Apple (USA)

I Pad by Apple (USA)

iPod by Apple (USA)


Digital Mixer

Digital Mixer Yamaha VT 01 model by Jamaha (Japan)


Digital Piano

e-Klavier Modell 1 Lack satiniert schwarz by Blüthner (Germany)


Drum Machines

Drum Machine SR16 by Alesis (USA)


External HDD

By: Elements (USA), Iomega (USA) and Hama (Germany)



Earphones by Apple (USA)

Earphones by Bose (USA)



Noise Reduction Studio Headphones by 3M Peltor (USA)

Post-Production Studio Headphones in ear by Bose (USA)

Post-Production Studio Headphones around ear by Bose (USA)

Post-Production Studio Headphones RP-HT090 by Panasonic (Japan)

Post-Production Studio Headphones by Sony (Japan)

Studio Headphones (Quantity: 2)  K271 MKII model by AKG (USA)

Studio Headphones Wireless RS185 by Sennheiser (Germany)


Metronomes (Digital and Mechanics), Clocks and Tuners

By: Cherub (USA), Intelli (USA), Joyo (China), Korg (Japan), Wittner (Germany), Yamaha (Japan)



Condenser Microphone TLM 102 Studio set model by Neumann (Germany) with Popkiller filter anti-pop 23956 model by K&M (Germany), absorber/diffuser panel by Pronomic (Germany) and stand by Proel (USA)

Condenser Microphone C414 XLS by Akg (USA)

Microphone for Minidisc Recorder ECM-MS907 model by Sony (Japan)


Minidisc Recorders

Minidisc Recorder MZ-R900 by Sony (Japan)



Studio Monitors 1030A by Genelec (Finland) with Acoustic Isolation Pad MoPAD by Auralex Acoustics (Germany) and stands Quik Lok (USA)


Music Stands 

By: Bespeco (Italy), K&M (Germany) and Millennium (Germany)


Notation Software

Notation Software Finale Version 25 by Make Music (USA)

Notation Software Sibelius by Avid Technology Ltd. (USA)


Recording Software

Logic Pro X by Apple (USA)

VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Complete Edition (By Vienna Symphonic Library GmbH, Vienna, Austria)


Rewritable CD  

Rewritable Professional CD Burn IT by HHD (USA)

Rewritable Professional CD CDR W33 by Sony (Japan)



Acoustic Pads by Auralex Acoustics (Germany)


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We will contact you by email or phone or Skype within the following 48 hours after receiving of your request and proceed further sending you by email a final contract with all details mentioned above in case of your acceptance of our honorary and general conditions of collaboration.



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