BAch, BEethoven, SCHumann

Story with Music in two parts by Fernando Fracassi

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Fernando Fracassi: Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute, Narrator

Anna Balint: Pianoforte


The musical depicts the History of European Instrumental Classical Music from Johann Sebastian Bach to Francis Poulenc following the structure of a story with music.

In support of the narration, it utilises live performances of which the flutes (concert flute, piccolo and alto flute) and the piano, constitute the intermediary elements.

The evolutive way of performing ‘Babesch’ becomes compulsory, joined through original or arranged compositions and extrapolated from the Chamber Music’s repertoire for concert flute, or arranged from other instruments with particular reference to the evolution of the Sonata form through the centuries.

The advantage of ‘Babesch’ is not only an opportunity to present to an audience, who is not professional, the historical context in which the major composers of the Classical Music world operated as well as their personalities and works, but especially to exit from didactical patterns or traditional fruition of the knowledge through a medium which is educational, funny and original.

In ‘Babesch’ anecdotes and other curiosities are also revealed: did you know for instance that Johann Sebastian Bach was locked up for many days for rebelling against the Duke of Sassony and Weimar? or about the bipolar disorder which affected the young Gaetano Donizetti or that Gabriel Faurè was inspired from the sadness of the painting of Diego Velásquez to create his famous Pavane op.50?

All of this, often not included in popular texts or specialised manuals with other intriguing details, are the result of a deep and direct research into sources which required the writer a period of impassioned work.

As for its destination and logistic simplicity, ‘Babesch’ is designed for every type of audience: from schools to universities (representing an important complement for the formative curriculum of the students), from libraries to cultural associations or from the audience of small concert halls to theatres.

The principal objectives of ‘Babesch’ are to introduce the layman to the amazing Classical Music panorama, to enable the listener to create his own music library in a logical way or to join to a concert with a musical background and last but not least, to widen personal knowledge in a multidisciplinary and multimedia way, starting from the simple listening of music.

‘Babesch’ is the demonstration that political history and war events influenced often the creativity and the freedom of expression of some composers but we will talk about this and much more at the Theatre.

Please note: this show is performed only in English or Italian language.


Italian  Babesch – Presentazione dello spettacolo


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