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NELSON LATIF (Guitarist)

Nelson Latif
Nelson Latif

Cavaquinho and acoustic guitar player Nelson Latif formed his musical identity in the legendary jazz scene of 1980’s São Paulo. He studied Classical guitar at the Faculdade Paulista de Música. In 1988, after a tour in Europe with the choro trio Remelexo, Latif moved to Lisbon, where he gave workshops at the Juventude Musical Portuguesa and taught Classical guitar at the well-known Escola de Guitarra de Duarte Costa. In 1989 Latif moved to Amsterdam, where he lived for twelve years. During the 90’s Latif started performing on the cavaquinho, an instrument that has since become his trademark. Between 1997 and 2000, he led the group Raiz Latina, touring throughout the Asian continent. They recorded their debut album in Seoul with the well-known Korean singer Kim Jun. In 2001 he formed Trio Baru with the musicians Fernando Corbal and Bosco Oliveira. He recorded the CD Brazilian Portrait together with the saxophonist Flávio Sandoval in 2003 and promoted this album in Brazil and Europe. Together with the guitarists Stanley Noordpool and Robby Faverey he played at the Carifesta and the Groen Festival. In 2004 Latif formed a duo with the multi-instrumentalist Carlinhos Antunes. In 2005 he joined forces with Ustad Zamir Khan, sitar and tabla player and member of the legendary family of Indian musicians. Also in 2005, Latif recorded the CD Choro, Samba e Afins with Dutch guitarist Joeri de Graaf. This recording started off the Choramundo Project, uniting musicians from Holland, Suriname and Brazil.
Official website: http://www.nelsonlatif.com



DENNIS DENNEHY (Songwriter, Guitarist)

Dennis Dennehi
Dennis Dennehy

Dennis Dennehy is a guitarist and sing songwriter whose family come from Ireland and England and lives in Bavaria. However it must be mentioned that when he performs one does not automatically here traditional Irish music. One may hear up to three different music directions, either as a normal singer songwriter style under his GIM Music Project, or an Indian influenced style called Himalayan Star Train or possibly an interesting Irish Tales and Stories performance. His own compositions talk their own language with entertaining melodies with critical text about many topics such as Love, the environment, philosophical topics and not to forget mother nature.



DIDONI PIER (Singer, author, composer, arranger, writer, painter and producer) 

Didoni-5 (1) - Copia
Pier Didoni

Pier Didoni is a multi-talented artist. Singer, author, composer, arranger, writer, painter and producer, he has made many CDs and various professional collaborations with very-well known artists. Between them: Tony Pagliuca (Le Orme), David Jackson, Nick Porter (Van der Graaf Generator, Giuni Russo, etc.). Pier Didoni performed live in Italy and other Countries (Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, France, Spain, etc.) including the famous ‘Sanremo Festival’. In 2004, he composed music based on the homilies by the pope Giovanni Paolo II recorded in the CD ‘Alza la voce con forza’ published by Multimedia-San Paolo Editions.
Official website: http://www.ferrarididoni.com


FERRARI EMANUELA (Piano, Co-Repetitor and Composer)

Emanuela Ferrari

Pianist and Composer, Emanuela Ferrari collaborated with Teatro alla Scala of Milan such as other famous theater in Europe (Prague, Dusseldorf, Liberec). She has admitted to the final round at the competition ‘Roland 2007’ for arrangers and her profile is mentioned in the book ‘ The Lombard Women’ published by the Adkins Foundation Chiti (Woman in Music). Her first CD ‘Pianofortissimo’ as a soloist has been published by ‘Idea Music Production’ (2006).
Official website: http://www.ferrarididoni.com


UBALDI PIETRO (Presenter, singer and film voice actor)

Pietro Ubaldi
Pietro Ubaldi

Pietro Ubaldi is a presenter for television, singer and actor. He is active especially in the field of cartoons and animations in which he gives his voice to various characters. Particularly, we remember the voice over of Jeffrey Rush (the ‘Captain Barbossa’ in the movie ‘Pirates at Caribbean’) among his most famous interpretations. Actually, he is speaker at the ‘Boeing’ channel (Mediaset, Italian National Broadcasting) dedicated entirely to children.

Italian TURIN (ITALY) 

CRISTIANI GIANNI (Flutist and flutes, piccolos and wind instruments repairer) 

Gianni Cristiani

Flutist and flutes, piccolos and wind instruments repairer, Gianni Cristiani has been member of many orchestras like Teatro Regio (Turin), Swiss Broadcasting Orchestra (Lugano), ‘I Solisti Veneti’ (Venice) etc. near to others ensembles. He is very popular internationally as a very experienced flutes, piccolos and wind instruments repairer and maker and offers regularly his professional services to the many Conservatories of Music in Europe near to give his professional assistance to famous players who perform actually in famous international European orchestras (Teatro alla Scala, Mozarteum, Wiener Philharmoniker, etc.). Cristiani is one of the three authorized Flute and Piccolo repairer of Brannen flutes and piccolos in Europe and has collaborations with other important American companies such as Haynes (Boston) and Burkart and Phelan (Shirley).
Official website: http://www.ateliercristiani.it


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