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The entire process of application for the Course of Professional Qualification for Young Orchestra Player and orchestra players at `Molise Youth Orchestra´(MYO) must be done exclusively online.

It will be possible to send the application to be admitted to hold the preliminary audition/interview and to have access to the course at MYO ONLY starting from 15th of June 2019. The process of admission will have a duration of 90 days and will end on 15th of September 2019 at 24:00 hour. It is NOT possible to apply before or after these dates.

The payment done after the deadline of the 15.09.2019 will be NOT payed back. This rule is applied also to all candidates which have sent their application during the foreseen period but don´t want anymore to take part to the audition or MYO project in a second moment. We invite all candidates to have the maximum attention to this regard.

It is required to you before to start the process of online application to pay first the foreseen fee to be admitted at the audition/interview process and then insert all detailed information about your payment in the dedicated area of the formular below.

The payment must be done exclusively through Bank Transfer (SEPA).

The admission tax to the selection at Molise Youth Orchestra is € 50,00 (fiftyeuro/00) net (after bank transfer tax).

In the eventuality that the candidate would like to take part to more auditions/interviews to be including in the list of competitors for other orchestra positions, he/she must pay an additional admission tax of admission of € 10,00 (teneuro/00) net after bank transfer. This additional payment is required for each additional audition – interview together with the admission fee foreseen for the primary audition/interview choosen.

The candidate who will be selected for more orchestra position can decide his rule in orchestra renouncing, obviously, to all others orchestra positions at MYO for which he has performed the audition/interview. These orchestra position will be occupied by the candidate(s) who follow the winner immediately after him/her in the list(s) of the selected musicians.

The bank details for payment are the following:

Holder: Fernando Fracassi Music

IBAN: DE47 7905 0000 0048 7908 77


Once your payment will be displayed on Fernando Fracassi Music bank account, we will give you an immediate communication via E-mail sending to you a detailed receipt as an attachment together with our confirmation E-mail of admission to the exam.

It will be possible to apply online ONLY from that moment through the formular which you find below on this page of our website.

Date, location and time of your audition/interview will be communicated to you exclusively by E-mail from our secretary´s office.

It is NOT foreseen any reimbursement (travel, hotel, restaurants, etc.) to the candidate whom hold the audition/interview in Campobasso. Fernando Fracassi Music will suggest hotel and B&B to have a comfortable stay in this city during the time of your competition.

The candidate must be present to the location of the audition/interview in the day and time which will be communicated from the organization.

The candidate must be present at selections in time and in the day indicated in the invitation E-mail. He/She will be NOT admitted in case of absence or late and will NOT receive back the payment done to take part to the auditions at Molise Youth Orchestra.

Besides, the candidate must bring with him/her:

  • ID Card or Passport (for extra UE candidates) valid at the time of the exam
  • Color copy of your ID or Passport . This document will be keep in our archive ONLY for the successful candidates which will be admitted at the training and join the MYO
  • All scores (including the piano parts) preferably in original edition
  • Own musical instrument with accessories except the music stand. This instrument must be the same one which will be used from the candidate during the training and public concerts with MYO.

The successful candidates admitted to Molise Youth Orchestra must give later the following documents to the secretary´s office of Fernando Fracassi Music before the beginning of the training:

  • Colour copy of Passport or ID Card with Residence Permit (Shengen Visa)
  • No. 2 Colour Photo (Passport Format) signed on the back side
  • Copy of medical insurance (private or State)
  • Declaration in Italian or English (for foreigners) in which the candidate declare under his/her own responsibility to be healthy and don´t have sickness or psychological illnesses which can compromise his/her training and work at MYO or affect other musicians of the ensemble
  • Declaration to be the owner of the musical instrument(s) and take the complete responsibility about the left, loss or break of it
  • Declaration in matter of privacy

IMPORTANT: The payment of the fee to be admitted to the selection at MYO does not  constitute an application for itself if it will be not sent together with the complete online formular. Of consequence, it will be NOT considered applications which are not completely finalized.

The candidates NO winner but able to join the MYO will be included in a list which will be fill in by the related Commission (wind or strings) for each instrument at the end of the auditions/interviews process. They can be admitted to the MYO in the eventuality that one of the member of MYO orchestra renounces to the training or MYO activity such as he/she has been expelled from the ensemble for serious reasons or failure to the payment of the fees after two sequential months.

Once you have sent us your payment, please fill in the following formular:

Please note: In the`Payment´field must be indicated:

  • date of the bank transfer
  • amount (to consider to the net without tax)
  • purpose of the payment (admission fee to audition/interview at MYO)
  • payment details (bank transfer).

It is possible to join all activities of MYO (training) as a listener. In this eventuality, it is NOT foreseen an age limit. The admission for day-ticket is € 5,00 net (fiveeuro/00) to be payed in cash directly to the seat of the rehearsals. Fernando Fracassi Music will release a receipt at the same time. It will be NOT possible to receive an active music training from the instructors or participate to the activities worldwide.



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