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The Course will begin on 15th October 2019 and will end on 15th June 2019. The young orchestra player will perform concerts in Italy near to a tour of a week in one of the Countries which are work-partners of Fernando Fracassi Music worldwide. The tour will be organized each year in different locations. For this first edition, the tour is planned for Germany. Performances will be realized in the cities of Bad Kissingen, Nürberg and Würzburg.


The Orchestra training will be done always during the week end for three sequential days from Friday to Sunday for a total of six hour of work by meeting for each orchestra player. The young musicians will take part to the activities with different rounds. Each round has a duration of two hours and concern instrumental training or session rehearsal or orchestra rehearsal for a total of six hours by month distributed in three days. In the eventuality that the logistical or didactic reasons require it, the activities can be planned exceptionally during the other days of the week or organized in a couple of days instead of three (i.e. two hours+four hours). The total amount of six hours of activities such as the program distributed in three sequential days will be anyway guaranteed.


The project is dedicated to young musicians of both gender from 18 years old  (born on or after 15th of October 2001) to 30 years years old (born on or after the 15 of October 1989) coming from all Countries and of every nationality and religion.

To be part of the ensemble, the young musician must overcome a preliminary test of  admission at the presence of the Artistic Director (Fernando Fracassi) and one of the two examining board, in relation to the orchestra section (winds and strings). The examining board will be composed by the tutors of the MYO following the formation of the orchestral ensemble. They will cooperate with other experts for some projects for the selection of the orchestra players.

It will be given to the orchestra player who has performed in the previous editions the possibility to  join again the Molise Youth Orchestra for the following editions but he/she must anyway apply to perform a new competition.


The orchestra player must overcome an entrance test before he will be admitted to be member of MYO. The test includes:

  • a live performance on the instrument (to have a look to the required programs  click here)
  • a brief interview to ensure the professional competence and motivation to become a member of MYO.


The orchestra training will be hold in the city of Campobasso (Molise, Italy) at`San Giuseppe´Auditorium.


The young orchestra player who will be member of the Molise Youth Orchestra (2019-2020 Edition) must provide by himself to the expenses of travel, board and lodging in Campobasso for each period of training and during the regional summer tour in Molise. All expenses mentioned above will be cover from the organization (Fernando Fracassi Music) ONLY in relation to the summer tour of MYO for one week in Germany (tour). However, it will be subscribed conventions with hotel or B&B in Campobasso or nearest villages such as accords with restaurants or local pizzerias for a comfortable stay of the orchestra players in Molise for all periods of activities at MYO.


The orchestra player must pay an admission tax of  € 50,00 (cinquantaeuro/00) net and not refundable to be admitted to the process of selection. The payment will be done by the candidate  on the Fernando Fracassi Music bank account following the indication for  bank transfer or money transfer through the online services Paypal and Transferwise.

The candidate who would like to take part to the auditions for different orchestra positions must pay the amount of  10,00 (ten-euro/00) in addition to the admission tax of € 50,00 (fifty-euro/00) foreseen for the principal admission test.

In relation to the monthly payment for the training, the orchestra player must pay the amount of € 100,00 (one-hundred-euro/00) net and not refundable to the beginning of each month and anyway before the date of performance of the first MYO activity. Fernando Fracassi Music will release a receipt of the payment as soon as it is displayed on the company bank account.

The orchestra player who will result ´defaulting`in relation to the month payment will be not admitted to join the training. He/She will be expelled from MYO in the eventuality he/she will not pay two sequential months and replaced immediately with the orchestra player which follows  him in the list of selected players for the same instrument.


Fernando Fracassi Music will release a certificate of participation or merit to each orchestra player who attended regularly the training. The best orchestra players will be later invited to perform payed solo concerts during the tour of the following edition of the course and have priority to join permanently the MYO as soon as the ensemble will be institutionalized.



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