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Wind Section Rehearsal with students @ BSF
Sectional rehearsal with young orchestra players @ BSF

The `Molise Youth Orchestra´(MYO, Orchestra Giovanile del Molise © 2019), is a newborn, professional Youth Orchestra which will be composed by young and talented italian and foreigner musician between 18 and 30 years old of age.

Differently from other professional Youth Orchestras, the management of the`Molise Youth Orchestra´does not require any particular certification (degree, master degree or doctorate)  to the candidates to join the ensemble but only a basic expertise and background which must be online with the goal of the project. The final objective is that to create a residential orchestra (at moment absent in Molise region) of high level which will perform regularly at theaters of Campobasso and Isernia provinces (Molise) for concert seasons near to recordings and other productions.

At moment, the MYO is supported by sponsors and private citizens which would like to have a resident orchestra in Molise but our goal is that to institutionalize this Orchestra in a brief term.

To reach the objective described above, Fernando Fracassi Music promotes and organizes every year a Course of Professional Qualification for Young Orchestra Player. The details are widely displayed below.



It is dedicated to all musicians who play professionally one or more orchestra instruments and are trained especially to perform the traditional Opera and Symphonic repertoires.

As a basic requirement, we ask to the future orchestra players to have a good technical and interpretative skills to perform Classical repertoire. Near to this, it is important that the candidate demonstrates to be comfortable to play also other repertoires such as Symphonic Jazz and Soundtracks.

The MYO repertoire is mostly connected to Classical Music (Symphonic, Lyric, Opera, Ballet) but  it will be performed also other compositions of other music genres or works of contemporary composers.

It is required to hold an audition and a brief interview to be a member of MYO. The audition will be scheduled every year during the last week of September. The training will start on 15th of October and end on 15th of June of each year. The concert season and tours will be scheduled during the months of July and August of each year. The MYO will be guested from other organization worldwide (which are work – partners or twin companies of Fernando Fracassi Music ) for one week each year.

The seat of the orchestra is located in Campobasso (Molise) and the Orchestra will be operative mostly in Molise area but, as above mentioned, concerts and tours will be scheduled  also  nationally and internationally. Directors and soloist of international reputation will be invited to hold masterclasses and take part to the public concerts and activity of the orchestra including recordings.

The MYO will collaborate strictly with Conservatories of Music of State, Foundations, Cultural Associations, Academies, etc. sharing projects between the two Institutions.

Being at moment the MYO a newborn orchestra, the players will NOT receive any salary. at this time. They will have the opportunity to be trained by professionals with experience and international CV in the orchestra repertoire such as will have the opportunity to become a future member of MYO with a regular contract of employment by Fernando Fracassi Music.

IMPORTANT: Fernando Fracassi Music reserves the faculty to start the project. The company will reimburse the participants to the auditions of the fee payed to take part to the auditions in the eventuality that the course/MYO will be NOT activated. 



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