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'Steinwayhaus', 'Rubinsteinsaal', Munich (Germany), Fracassi-Chillemi Duo, 2018
‘Steinwayhaus’ (‘Rubinsteinsaal’), Munich, Germany, 2018 – Serena Chillemi (Piano)

Fernando Fracassi is an eclectic performer. His formation is basically Classical because of his studies at the Italian Conservatory of Music and Higher College of Musical Studies of the same State  but he plays and records different genres and styles (from Classical to World Music, from Soundtrack to Latin Jazz, etc.).

Fernando Fracassi considers Music as an universal language in which the different genres (Classical, Jazz, Pop, World Music, etc.) and the related styles (i.e. Sonata for Classical, Ballad for Jazz or Song for Pop and World Music) are only different ways for the composers and the performers to achieve the same goal: reach the heart of audience sharing emotions, constitute a cultural means to educate old and new generations or a simply way to entertain the people.

Of consequence, Fernando Fracassi strongly believes that Music, Arts, Culture and Information must reach every one in every Country regardless of geographical area, ethnicity, gender, politics or religion. Music, Art, Culture and Information can be done at any time and in any place: from the big Concert Hall or the important Theater of a metropolis till a small hall of a museum or public open space.

For this reasons, the kinds of live performance which Fernando Fracassi proposes are different and various as an offering. You will find in this section all programs in details. You can participate as a viewer or organize in your city an event specially designed for you and your audience in relation to your preferences, needs, occasions or cultural activities of your Association, Foundation, Institution, Company, Municipality, etc.

This section is completed by a `Management´special area dedicated to concerts or events organizers such as public or private cultural Institutions directors.


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