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You can find in this page all past didactic events related to Master Classes, Conferences and Seminars with Fernando Fracassi and organized by Fernando Fracassi Music or other Institutions, Associations, Universities, Foundations, Schools, etc.

The events displayed below follow an inverse chronological order starting from the most recent performance.


Brannen Headjoint 2


Palestina ♦ RAMALLAH (West Bank)

27.10.2018 – 19.4.2019 

Flute Course / Philistine Youth Musicians Orchestra Training (Flute Department)


Fernando Fracassi - Portrait
Fernando Fracassi  @ Daniel Baremboim/Edward Said Foundation, Ramallah, West Bank

Genres: Classical

Venue: `Daniel Barenboim-Edward Said´Foundation (Seville, Spain), Ramallah branch

Teacher: Fernando Fracassi


Brannen Headjoint 2


Italian ♦ SANTA CROCE DI MAGLIANO (Campobasso), Italy

01.09.2018 @ 21:00 – Masterclass


Masterclass in Santa Croce di Magliano (Campobasso, Italy)
Photo by Martin Quartieri

Event Name: Masterclass for professional and amateurs musicians

Genres: Classical, Jazz

Country: Italy

City: Santa Croce di Magliano (Campobasso, Italy)

Venue: State Elementary School

Performer: Fernando Fracassi (Music Pedagogue)

Info and Admission: click here


Masterclass in santa Croce di Magliano (Campobasso, Italy)
Photo by Martin Quartieri


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