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Musica ed Immaginario
Imaginative Music – Client during a listening individual session 

Imaginative Music, a new and innotavive music genre created by Fernando Fracassi (Copyright©2020), is a specific style of Ambient Music which is used mostly to combat Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia to achieve a state of complete relaxation through the activation of Imagery and the interaction between the frequencies and sonority used in the compositions and the energetic fields of the psycho-physical body of the listener (resonance principle). Each organ, in fact, reacts to certain frequencies by getting in tune with the twin sounds with which it enters into a sympathetic vibration.

Once the connection is established, Music becomes an active partner. It helps to create images and favors the appearance of ideas and possibilities.
The soundscape offered activates moods, body sensations and positive feelings. Insights and unexpected solutions can come spontaneously. Music becomes a strengthening force for personal development and conversational interventions are no longer effective.

Through regular sessions of Imaginative Music, the listener can develop is own potential, get to know better himself, interact positively in society and improve the quality of his life with a consequent and meaningful lowering of the level of Stress and a recovery of both psycho-physical energy and inner balance.

Imaginative Music follows specific programs which are performed on a thematic basis. It privileges the functional use of music rather then its aesthetical aspect.
Each program is used in relation to the focus of the specific session and can be adapted during the performance of it in function of the emotional answer of the listener during his individual Counselling.

After an initial phase of relaxation through the Alexander Technique, the guide somministrates specific backing tracks to the Client which are realized in studio using ethnic instruments, synthetizers and different sound effects. 

The Client listen to the compositions or parts of them using professional headphones while the Counsellor supports the imaginative experience. The session ends with the Client comment on the experience.  

In the eventuality of workshops for groups of Clients, the musical selections and related exercises are proposed using live musical performances without the use of headphones.

In relation to the workshops or seminars of Imaginative Music in application to Psychotherapy, Fernando Fracassi makes use of the cooperation of psychotherapists with professional certification and experience in the sector. They support specific interventions during the works.

Every session has a standard duration of 45 minutes and includes the performance of various original compositions. 

The program can be continued comfortably at home applying the finalized exercises, learned during the residential or online sessions, using the musical selections offered on thematic compact discs and MP3 which are available for purchasing on this website.

IMPORTANT: Imaginative Music is NOT a medical or psychological therapy in itself. 
It cannot in any way replace medical or psychological treatment and it is never used on Clients with diseases without a co-presence during the sessions of a medical doctor or psychotherapist. 
In this eventuality, special listenings programs are create individually for targeted therapies.

In general, Imaginative Music is used exclusively on people without any pathology in a temporary state of difficulty such as for those who want to explore their inner world in order to achieve a state of general well-being and overcome successfully  temporary difficulties related to Stress or emotional blocks.


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