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Fernando Fracassi offers different webinars of Imaginative Music integrated by the Stanislawsky Method for Actors and the Alexander Technique.
Imaginative Music is proposed to favorite the inner well-being such as the management of stress anxiety of the Client by evoking positive images in a wakeful state of relaxation while she or he listens to specific musical programs. Therefore, this new and revolutionary music genre is combined with various Imaginative techniques and based on breathing and body control, relaxation and positive thought in relation to the guided administration of particular audio sequences.


Imagery and Music – The Imaginative Music and its applications
Subject: The Imaginative Music and its use of it in Coaching. Integration of Imaginative Music to the practice of the Alexander Technique (relaxation) and the Stanislawsky Method for Actors (imagination)
Languages: Italian (Code: 1.1) or English (Code: 2.1)
Cost of the webinar for participant (max 8 participants): variable
Duration: 120 minutes
Levels: I (Personal use) II (Application of the method by groups) III (Professionals)
Please remember to specify the language and level required when you send your application.
The levels follow a sequential course and therefore coaches for professional groups are required to complete the previous level such as the first two levels for professionals
Performance: A password to download audio files and texts from this website will be sent by Fernando Fracassi Music to each registered participant within 24 hours prior to the performance of the online event.
Payment modality: Bank Transfer (no commission) or PayPal (small additional commission of 2% will be applied to the cost of the webinar).


Imaginative Music is a specific kind of coaching and NOT a medical or psychotherapeutic practice. Consequently, it cannot be used as a substitute for medical, pharmacological or psychotherapeutic therapy.


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