House Concerts


First of all, a House Concert is not a party with live music and the function of music is not that to be played as background music simply to create a pleasant atmosphere.

The key difference is that the House Concert focuses everybody attention on the show: that means not TV, no radio, no CD, no conversation and no distraction while the performers play.

Being a House Concert, you don´t need to wear necessarily expensive clothes or jewels. Dress very casual and you meet friendly people in a really comfortable atmosphere.

House Concert is one of the easiest place where meet new friends.

If you enjoy live music but rarely enjoy the atmosphere of a concert halls or jazz clubs, a House Concert is good for you.

You seat close to the performers, you ear every sound and you get a personal exciting experience that really happen in public venues.

House Concerts are planned all over the world (United States of America, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.).


1) First you schedule an harvest to perform in your house or flat

2) Then you promote your House Concert to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

3) Choose freely your favorite repertoire (Classical, Latin Jazz, Easy Listening, Soundtracks, etc.). Than, you can also print the music selection and give to your guests a flyer or small booklet as a memory of the evening. If a private company or supporters help you economically, it is a must to mention their names to the end of the show and advertise their activities on the flyer/booklet

3) On the day of the show you prepare the room for the concert by relieving few pieces of furniture and placing the chairs in horizontal lines

4) You suggest an amount per person to pay at moment of booking. Make sure to be able to pay the performers to the end of their show

5) You ask to your audience to have a sit around ten minutes before the performance starts

6) The performance usually take around 30-40 minutes sets with 25 minutes break in between

7) The performers sell the autographed copies of their CD and merchandising during the break and after the show and usually spend some time eating and talking with your guests

8) The House Concert usually ends with a comment by the organizer and feedback from listeners about the performance.


1) Normally the number of listeners for a House Concert is between 25 to 40 people but you can limit that number to whatever size you feel comfortable. It is possible to have a really funny event with fewer people but most part of artists wants to play for an audience of  25 or more especially if it is a week end show. Bring your friends with you to share a cultural evening in a different way

2) It is also possible to guest your House Concert in the basement, backyard or near your swimming pool but more people choose the living room for the cozy, intimate atmosphere provided and especially for the easy preparation of the stage

3) You maybe can be surprised of how many people who participate to your event can sit comfortable in your living room. As you can see, you don´t need a lot of space to create a fun and memorable concert in your home

4) Show up and always call if you can´t join the House Concert

5) The collaborators of Fernando Fracassi Music will help you to set up your room and prepare carefully every single detail with professionalism and long experience.

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