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Fernando Fracassi Music is a sole proprietorship founded by Fernando Fracassi in September 2017 in Bad Kissingen (Germany).

Fernando Fracassi Music is active in various areas of Performing, Visual, Literary Arts, Education and Entertainment.

In particular, Fernando Fracassi Music operates in the following fields:

  • Live Music and Concert Management (Concerts, Recitals, Festivals)
  • Theater (Plays)
  • Education (Educational shows, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, etc.)
  • Comparative Arts projects (Literature, Philosophy, Visual Arts and Music)
  • Entertainment and Events Management (House Concerts, Private Events)
  • Counselling and Music (NOT therapeutic, medical or psychological, Stanislawsky system for actors and Music)

Fernando Fracassi Music records, prints and distributes :

  • CD, DVD, Blu Ray – Record and multimedia Label
  • Score and Educational Texts (Paper, digital) – Music Editions
  • Paper Books and E-Books – Books and Multimedia Edition
  • Music, Soundtracks, Documentaries, Voice Over – Home Recording Studio

In the field of Education Fernando Fracassi Music offers:

  • Residential Flute Academy
  • Online Flute Academy
  • Flutes, Piccolos and Small Audio Service for rent
  • Music Archive (Score, Educational Texts, Manuscripts, etc.) for consultation
  • General Library (Paper Books, E-Books, Encyclopedia, etc.) for consultation.

Fernando Fracassi Music works in partnership with similar companies, State Institutions, Associations, Foundations, Universities, Schools, Cultural Institutes, Embassies, etc. worldwide and organizes periodically cultural events and fundraising for social projects for disadvantaged people. Click here for references.

If you are interested to have a collaboration with Fernando Fracassi Music or receive a professional service from us, click here for Contact.



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