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Education (webinars and online conferences, courses, workshops, seminars, tutorials, podcasts and lessons,  Comparative Arts projects)
Live musical performances (Chamber Music recitals, Electroacoustic solo recitals, Ensembles for various music genres)
Publications (educational texts and scores (digital formats), E-Books, paperback
Recording Studio (CDs productions (FLAC, Wave, Mp3), original soundtracks for movies and theater, music for documentaries, audio-books, music for Joga and Meditation, Music and Psychology/Psychotherapy/Counselling, backing tracks for musicians, educational supports, Ambient Music for art galleries, means of transport, professional studios, therme, public offices, etc.)
Theater Plays (concert-lessons, original pièces, monologues with music)
Counselling and Music (Imaginative Music and Stress Management using Music, Stanislawsky System for Actors in combination with Alexander Technique and Imaginative Music)


Comparative Arts (Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, Visual Arts and Artistic Photography in interaction with Music )
Coaching (Relaxation and Stress Management with Imaginative Music, Stanislawsky Method for actors and Alexander Technique in combination with Imaginative Music)
Education (ancients, modern, amplified and ethnic Flutes, Piccolos, Recorders, Classical Chamber Music, Electronic-Acoustical and Contemporary Music, History and Aesthetics of Music, World Music, Philosophy and Sociology of Music)
Literary Arts (Literature, Essays, Poetry)
Performing Arts (Music, Cinema and TV documentaries (Soundtracks only) and Theater)


Broadcastings (radio and tv)
Concert Societies 
Cultural Foundations
Cultural private or public (State) Institutions
Embassies and Consolates
Galleries (Expositions-Vernissages)
Institutes of Culture and Academies
Libraries and Bookshops (Books exhibitions)
Private and Public Schools

Main collaborations in the past: please visit the page References

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