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What is Fernando Fracassi Educational?

Fernando Fracassi Educational is a new service created and patented by Fernando Fracassi in November 2021. It is dedicated to the promotion of Education and Culture over the web.

Which benefits offer this service?

The benefits are truly manifold. They range from the possibility of increasing one’s culture and training by following multimedia content on the internet, such as online lessons, courses, conferences or webinars, directly from home or on the move, to the possibility of directly participating in live chats and streaming organized by Fernando Fracassi Music. In addition, each supporter will be sent a monthly newsletter (though Substack) containing all the news of Fernando Fracassi Music’s programming. Finally, there will be the opportunity to explore the topics covered in the month on Fernando Fracassi Educational through a monthly webzine accessible directly from this site.

Which contens are published on the pages of Fernando Fracassi Educational and how is it possible to access to them?

Basically, the contents of the various pages of the Fernando Fracassi Educational service can be summarized in six categories: audio podcasts and audiobooks in Mp3 or Wave (wav) format, videos tutorials, cultural videos and music videos in Mp4 format, and, finally, texts in PDF format, next to the monthly Newszine available directly on this site. All contents are produced in English and Italian. For video productions with texts in German or other languages, they will be subtitled in English. In relation to live events organized by Fernando Fracassi Music, part of them will be recorded and re-proposed on Fernando Fracassi Educational channel on YouTube.

Which are the Fernando Fracassi Educational broadcasting platforms and who can access the consultation of the contents ?

The principal broadcasting platform by Fernando Fracassi Educational are two: YouTube Channel and Twitch Channel.

In addition, there is a third channel, only in Italian language, Fernando Fracassi Cultura which re-publish the same contents of Fernando Fracassi Educational such as broadcast indipendent productions for the Italian audience only

All our contents are absolutely free and, for this reason, the contribution of the Fernando Fracassi Music supporters is very important to support us.
Everybody can support the Fernando Fracassi´ s project making a donation by Patreon, PayPal or Stripe. For those who actively support the creation of new contents, there will be special contents accessible on Patreon only through the credentials provided by the supporter at the time of registration.

How will supporters be notified of new publications?

Fernando Fracassi Educational supporters, regularly registered in our community in Patreon or in our list (for PayPal or Stripe payments), will be included in a mailing list whose data is not accessible to other subscribers to protect everyone’s privacy. Each supporter will receive an email notification for each new posted content through the Substack service to the email address provided when joining our group.

How much does it cost to become a supporter of Fernando Fracassi Educational in Patreon?

We only ask our supporters for a small monthly or one-time donation. As mentioned above, because this is a non-profit project, Fernando Fracassi Music will not receive any compensation from supporters’ subscriptions. The money sent, in fact, will be used to support new productions, pay royalties and provide the necessary technical equipment for studio or live events. Any amount is appreciated.

How I can unsubscribe from Fernando Fracassi Educational?

The subscription to the service can be canceled at any time through Patreon. As for the mailing list, you can request the deletion of your membership such as all your personal data simply by sending an email to us. As soon as we receive the message in our mailbox, we will delete them. To join the service again, simply become supporter of Fernando Fracassi Music on Patreon. The monthly fees sent will expire at the end of the same month in which the request for termination of the Fernando Fracassi Educational service has been forwarded. As for the annual fees, the service will continue to be provided in any way until the subscription expires. For payments made through PayPal, not being continuous, it will be sufficient not to forward new ones. The subscription as a supporter to the service will expire on the last day of the month corresponding to the date of termination of the activity as a supporter member.

How can I become a Fernando Fracassi Music supporter now and submit my payment?

Fill out the form below with your details, so we will already be informed of your enrollment in Fernando Fracassi Educational. At the same time, subscribe to Fernando Fracassi’s channel on Patreon and submit your contribution following the instructions on this site.
For PayPal or Stripe payments, apply directly from this page.
Once the payment is completed, you will receive an email notification from your association in which you will be sent the password to access in Patreon.
It is important to note, however, that the password changes periodically. Of course, we will immediately notify any supporter via email of this change. Consequently, we always advise our supporters to carefully write down the new password received to avoid login problems. In case of loss or failure to receive the current password or the new one sent, Fernando Fracassi Music will send it again via a second email.

For further information please contact: fernandofracassimusic@gmail.com.


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