The History of Classical Music from Johann Sebastian Bach to Francis Poulenc.


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Johann Sebastian Bach: Siciliano (from ‘Sonata in E flat Major BWV 1031 for flute and


Joseph Haydn: Allegro Moderato (from ‘Sonata in G Major No. 8  for violin and piano’)

François-Joseph Gossec: Tambourin (from ‘Le Thriomphe de la Republique ou Le camp

de Grandpre’)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Allegro (from ‘Sonata in F Major KV. 376a  for violin and


Ludwig van Beethoven: Allegro Vivace e Disinvolto (from ‘Serenade in D Major op.41

for flute and piano’)

Franz Schubert: Allegro Moderato (from ‘Sonata in A minor ‘Arpeggione’ D. 821’)

Gaetano Donizetti: Largo ed Allegro (from ‘Sonata in C Major for flute and piano’)

Robert Schumann: Romance No. 2 in A major op. 90 (from ‘Three Romances for oboe

and piano´ op. 90)

Gabriel Fauré: Sicilienne op. 78 (from the opera ‘Pelléas et Mellisande’)

Philippe Gaubert: Esquisses No.1 (from ‘Soir Sur La Plaine’) for flute and piano (arranged for alto flute and piano by Fernando Fracassi)

Paul Hindemith: Sehr Labhaft (from ‘Sonata for flute and piano’)

Francis Poulenc: Elegia (from ‘Sonata for oboe and piano’)



Fernando Fracassi: Concert Flute, Piccolo and Alto Flute

Angela Picco: Piano



Arrangements: Fernando Fracassi, Peter Lukas Graf, Jean Pierre Rampal, Franz Vester

Sound Engineering: Francesco Santoro, ‘Monkey’s Island’ Studio, Campobasso, Italy

Graphic Designing: Simona Discenza, ‘Non Solo Grafica’, Campobasso, Italy

Photographer: Paolo Cardone

Producer: Fernando Fracassi

Copyright: SIAE, Rome, Italy © 2013 – Fernando Fracassi



Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, three composers whose initials form the acronym of the original title to the CD,`Babesch´. The intelligence of Fernando Fracassi can be measured in his ability to capture a journey permeating with the magnificence and poetry of the  Baroque period, moving through Classicism and ending in the Nineteenth Century. The corpus of the compositions, quite robust, present a history and a genesis which differs, according to the context. It is worth dwelling on the common characteristics which the compositions offer; in this context it constructs a monument to the art, instilling classical themes of supreme beauty and grace. The flutist played with an extreme accuracy of phrasing, portraying a natural instrumental virtuosity. Furthermore, the emission and expressiveness of sound, always without distortion, which are the protagonists of precious and vibrant executions, are successfully achieved. What also emerges here is the vivid freshness with which the duo reverberates the ideal tension. In this album, you can hear that the executions intended to emulate a living organism which relates itself to the solicitation and dialogue displayed during the ductile and expressive, interpretative process. The particulars of  the individual movements and, within these, of the singular parts and thematic groups with their variations and elaborations, mirror itself  in the course of an infallible sense of formal structures and dramatic directives of the overall project. We cannot deny the strong and raw emotional charge of this production. A superb reading of the compositions is given through this recording: amplitude of respiration and intellectual quality of musical thought are perfectly proportioned to the magnitude and the ambition of the work.

(Filippo Staiano – Fa.La.Ut., Naples, Italy, EU)



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