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Fernando Fracassi

Fernando Fracassi Music Web Radio is a new, innovative and, for many points of view, revolutionary web radio founded on 6th January 2020 which broadcast only in streaming over the internet.
The principal goal of Fernando Fracassi Music Web Radio is the production and the broadcasting of music radio programs and talk show based exclusively on the cultural promotion in all its forms (musical, theatrical, dancing, cinematographic, literary, philosophical, photographic or related to visual arts) and Education such as the broadcast of radio programs based on Psychology and Social Sciences subjects which are realized in collaboration with certified professional and experts of these fields.
We can define Fernando Fracassi Music Web Radio as a container of information and promotions (including advertisement of new products) of cultural activities (concerts, opera, plays, dance, film, documentary, books, expositions, museums, etc.) near to the performance of radio programs which refers to the subjects above mentioned.
At moment, Fernando Fracassi Music Web Radio cooperates with various professionals, associations, public or private Institutions, cultural centers, Universities, Academies, libraries, etc. located in some European and extra-European Countries.
The entire radio programming is under the only legal and administrative responsibility of Fernando Fracassi Music which hold the copyright of all radio programs broadcast.
The radio programs are on air initially for three hours by day in a week and in different time slots. They are broadcast in three languages: English, German and Italian.
It is possible to know the week schedule of our radio programs simply making click on the picture Radio Program schedule displayed on this website. 
Finally, it will be possible to buy products or services advertised on Fernando Fracassi Music Radio through our FFM Store. The same products will be available for purchasing at the commercial area organized by our team for each show or event produced by Fernando Fracassi Music.


First, search the app: mixlr on Google Play (for Android) od Apple Store (for I Phone or I Pad)

Download the app on your device:  mixlr

Create an account with username and password. Lately, you can also use your personal Facebook account to listen to our broadcasts


You will receive an email to the registered address. Complete the subscription to the service. Verify and confirm your data

Open the radio list making click on the icon of mixl. Lately, press Listen


Find in the dedicated area, indicated by a magnifying glass above on the right of the screen, the radio station Fernando Fracassi Music


Open the page and list your name as a follower.


Starting from this moment, you are able to follow Fernando Fracassi Music Web Radio. from your smart phone or tablet. You must only to repeat the procedure indicated to the points 5 and 6 each time you want to tune in to our radio.
Alternately, if you would like to follow the radio programs of Fernando Fracassi Music Web Radio directly from your desktop, laptop or notebook, you can have access from this page making click here.

IMPORTANT: It can be possible that a banner of website not secure is displayed on your screen at the moment of your visit to the site and the s of security is missing after http: The s will be displayed after registration (https:). This to protect both your privacy and our security online.


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