Fernando Fracassi

3rd January 2021


The new year is finally arrived but the memory of a sad 2020 it is still alive in our mind and soul.
Alongside all the victims of the pandemic and the social and logistical problems associated with Covid-19, one of the sectors that suffered the greatest hardship was the cultural and artistic one in particular.
For my part, I was forced to cancel various commitments, such as a concert and masterclass tour in Brazil scheduled for May 2020.
I would like to underline that it was not my or my promoters decision. This is forced by governament regulations of each Country. We artists have to be go along with government decrees. My promoters are in contact with Fernando Fracassi Music Headquarters on daily bases. They will inform us when it is time to make changes for postponement or cancellation.
In relation to the Brazilian tour tour, I would collaborate with two excellent local musicians: guitarist Nelson Latif and pianist Andrea Luisa Texeira.
Unfortunately, these overseas scheduled events weren’t the only ones to be cancelled or postponed to 2021. The pandemic also denied any workshops and live presentations related to Imaginative Music and associated Imagery therapy were taking place.
You will find all updates on this website and particularly at the News page.

Best of luck to you also and see you again soon, sometimes, sooner or later…

Fernando Fracassi

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