Fernando Fracassi performs live regularly and holds courses and masterclass worldwide using Ancient, Ethnic, Modern, Amplified Flutes and Piccolos for Unplugged Music or in combination with electronics (Electro-Acoustic music). His private collection includes at moment around fifty flutes, piccolos and recorders coming from all Continents.
His repertoire ranges from Classical Music to Latin Jazz, from Easy Listening to World Music till Crossover.
As a composer, Fernando Fracassi is specialized in various musical genres. Together with the music genres mentioned above, he composes, performs and records Soundtracks for movies, theater, broadcastings, documentaries and advertisements.
Besides, he creates original compositions of Ambient Music which are used currently from certified psychotherapists to be applied in the field of Experimental Psychology (particularly for Music and Imagery) or to favorite relaxation.


Fernando Fracassi has performed in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and United States of America. He played as a Piccolo soloist for the Head of Italian State Professor C. A. Ciampi and Her Majesty the Queen Beatrix of Holland. His outstanding performances includes between others solo concerts at the famous Rockefeller Center of New York (USA, Columbus Day, Edition 2004), San Feliciano Auditorium (Lodi, New Jersey, USA, 2004), Hong Kong City Hall (China, 2015), Parco della Musica Auditorium (Santa Cecilia Main Hall, Rome, Italy, 2004) and Carl Maria von Weber Museum and Memorial House of Dresden (Germany, 2018).


From 2013, Fernando Fracassi began also a parallel career as a writer and playright. His first play Babesch (Bach, Beethoven, Schumann), ispired to the History of Classical Music from J. S. Bach to F. Poulenc, is performed since then in various cities and cultural venues worldwide.
His recent show Leonardo and the Renaissance Music has been commissioned by the Italian Consolate of Jerusalem in May 2019 to celebrate the 500 years from the death of Leonardo da Vinci. The play, a story with music, has been performed for the first time at the National Palestinian Theater of Jerusalem on 22nd October 2019 to the presence of political authorities and intellectuals.


During his career, Fernando Fracassi has collaborated with different Universities and Cultural Institutions worldwide including: the New York University (New York City, USA), the Southern Mississippi University (Hattiesburg, USA), Mönchengladbach University (Germany), UNISA (University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa), La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy), the Swedish Institute of Cultural Studies (Rome, Italy), the Romanian Academy (Rome, Italy), the Goethe Middle East Institute (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman) near various Institutes of Culture, Cultural Associations and Foundations in the world (visit the page references of this website to have a complete panorama about the international collaborations and principal live performances of Fernando Fracassi).


Principal Flute Solo at Molise Symphony Orchestra (Italy), Co – Principal Flutist at the Oradea’s State Philharmonic Orchestra and Tîrgu Mureș’ Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania), Piccolo Soloist at the European Union Military Band (Italian Representative, the Netherlands) and Piccolo Soloist at the Italian Army Symphonic Band, Fernando Fracassi has been also Flutist at Rome Musicians Union Symphonic Orchestra (Cinecittà Movie Studios, Rome, Italy) recording famous soundtracks under the conducting of composers specialized in commentary music for cinema and theater. We remember between them the cooperations as a flutist with R. Ortolani and A. Bloonksteiner.


Fernando Fracassi recorded for Electrecord (Bucharest, Romania), Olympia (London, UK), Scomegna (Turin, Italy), such as RAI, National Italian Broadcasting (Third Channel and RAI International, Rome, Italy) and Radio Romania Cultural. He held also an interview for the popular program Good Morning America broadcast by the famous CBS (New York City, USA). From 2017, Fernando Fracassi records, produces and distributes his blue-ray, books, CD. DVD, E-Books and Educational videos through his label Fernando Fracassi Music (Germany).


Flutist, piccolo player, composer, arranger, writer, producer and instructor, Fernando Fracassi studied Flute with A. Persichilli, C. Klemm, P. L. Graf, W. Bennett, A.Tassinari and S. Preston achieving two Masters Degrees in Music Performance and Education, Flute and Chamber Music, respectively at L. Perosi Conservatory of Music (Campobasso, Italy) and G. Braga Higher College of Musical Studies (Teramo, Italy).


Fernando Fracassi has been Flute Instructor and Wind Ensemble tutor at the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra (ROSO), Muscat Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (MRPO) and the Royal Guards of Oman Military School of Music (RGOMSM) working under His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos bin Said from 2009 to 2013 in the Sultanate of Oman (Middle East). During this period, he collaborated with Placido Domingo and William Bennett.

From October 2018 to May 2019, Fernando Fracassi has been Flute Instructor and Tutor of the Flute Department of the Philistine Youth Musician Orchestra (PMYO) at Daniel Barenboim – Edward Said Music Foundation and worked in Ramallah (West Bank).

Actually, he offers Flute, Piccolo and Recorders residential workshops to Associations, Cultural Institutions, Foundations, Libraries, Schools and Universities as well as online teaching (lessons and webinars) to students who live in various Countries.


From 2017, Fernando Fracassi holds his company Fernando Fracassi Music and shares various cultural, educational, music and theatre projects (concert-lessons and play) with similar companies such as State and private Institutions worldwide.

He composes, arranges, writes and records his compositions and literary texts in his private rehearsals and recording studio at his private residence.

Fernando Fracassi publish his productions through his label and publishing house Fernando Fracassi Music.


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