Fernando Fracassi
Fernando Fracassi – Photo by Isolde Krapf for Main Post (Bad Kissingen, Germany © 2017)

                          FERNANDO FRACASSI

Performer, Composer, Playwright, Writer, Imaginative Music Creator and Practitioner, Mentor and Producer



A native of Campobasso (Molise, Italy, 1962), Fernando Fracassi began his first Music studies at his home town to the age of only five years (1967) with Erminio Sallustio (Theory).
At the age of nine years old, in 1971, he joined the Lorenzo Perosi Conservatory of Music, situated in the same town, as a student of the flutist player and composer Enrico Renna.
At the age of 13, under the guidance of Abramo Vincenzoni, he was awarded of the First Price at the International Music Exhibition of Milan (1975, 1st photo) followed by the First Price at National Flute Competition of Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo, Italy) nine years later (1984, 2nd photo).

Claudio Lippi and Fernando Fracassi
Fernando Fracassi with Claudio Lippi (Mediaset, Italian National Broadcasting Presenter) – 1st Price at at the International Music Exhibition of Milan, Italy (1975)
Fernando - Arrigo Tassinari - Terranuova Bracciolini - 1984 - 22 anni
Arrigo Tassinari (Flutist) and Fernando Fracassi – 1st Price at Terranuova Bracciolini Flute Competition (Terranuova Bracciolini, Arezzo, Italy, 1984)

When he was 20 years old, in 1982, Fernando Fracassi took the position of Music Teacher (Theory, Recorder, History and Aesthetics of Music) at various Italian State Middle and High Schools of his birth town and later in Rome where he taught at the most important High Schools of the Italian capital (Mamiani, Visconti, Virgilio and Russell Gymnasiums, Maria Montessori High School, etc.).

Fernando Fracassi - Music Teacher at Mamiani Lyceum of Rome (1986)
Fernando Fracassi at work as a Music Teacher at Mamiani Lyceum (Rome, Italy, 1986)

Fernando Fracassi has been also member of the committee for examining teachers of Montessori´s method (1985 and 1987). At the same time, he played as Flutist and Piccolo player at the Cinecittà Movie Studios of Rome for the realization of Soundtracks under the direction of Riz Ortolani and Alessandro Bloonksteiner.
In this period, Fernando Fracassi extended his experience of Flute player from Classical Music to Easy Listening, Pop, Jazz, Rock till World Music playing live for an international audience as a member of various ensembles and making performances in well-known live music places in Rome (Italy).
When he was 21 years old, in 1983, Fernando Fracassi graduated at the Conservatory of Music achieving his first Master Degree in Flute Music Performance and Education under the guidance of Alessio Persichilli. After the Master Degree, he began a very intense activity as a Chamber Music recitalist playing with pianists, guitar players, harpists, wind ensembles and string quartets. During these years, he studied privately with Arrigo Tassinari, first Solo Flute at La Scala Theater of Milan (conductor: Arturo Toscanini) (photo above), Conrad Klemm (see 1st photo below), William Bennett (see photo below),  Stephen Preston and Barthold Kuijken (Ancient flutes, see 2nd photo below).

Fernando Fracassi and Conrad Klemm during a masterclass (Castelsardo, Sassari , 1983)
Fernando Fracassi and Conrad Klemm during a masterclass of Klemm in Castelsardo (Sassari, Italy, 1983)
Fernando Fracassi and Barthold Kuijken in Rome (2000)
Fernando Fracassi and Barthold Kuijken (Ancients flutes) in Rome (2000)

During this period, Fernando Fracassi has been also a music critic for the regional magazine Molise Oggi such as a radio presenter (Tele Radio Campobasso, Canale 101, Tele Radio Democratica, etc.) enlarging his knowledge also in the fields of musical journalism and broadcasting studio engineering.
At the age of 23 years, in 1985, Fernando Fracassi became a member of the Italian Society for Authors and Editors (SIAE) which he left only after thirty-two years (2011) to join a similar Institution in Germany (GEMA).



At the age of 29 years old, Fernando Fracassi left Italy for six years. He embarked his orchestral career in Romanian’s major symphonic orchestras and took up the coveted position of Flutist (Co-Principal and 2nd Flute with Piccolo) at the well-known Oradea’s State Philharmonic Orchestra (see photo below) founded by August Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf and Michael Haydn, minor brother of the most famous Joseph Haydn. He played in this ensemble from 1990 to 1991 and from 1992 to 1996.

Fernando - Filarmonica Oradea - 1991 - 29 anni
Fernando Fracassi photographed in front of the headquarters of the Oradea State Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania, 1991)

Fracassi has been also Co-Principal Flutist at Târgu Mureș Philharmonic Orchestra from 1991 to 1992. He has played under the direction of the most important Romanian and Hungarian conductors of that time. We remember between them: Horia Andreescu and Miron Rațiu (see photo below), Cristian Mandeal, Răzvan Cernat and Romeo Rimbu.

Ervin Acel, Fernando Fracassi and Miron Ratiu at Oradea´s Philarmonic Orchestra (Romania, 1991)
Fernando Fracassi with the conductors Ervin Acél and Miron Ratiu at Oradea State Philharmonic Orchestra (Oradea, Romania, 1991)

He cooperated also with Remus Georgescu with whom Fernando Fracassi had a memorable Solo Concert at the National Theater of Constanța (Romania) accompanied by the local Symphonic Orchestra (Romania, 1995, see photo below).

Remus Georgescu and Fernando Fracassi (Solo Concert at the National Theater o0f Costanta, Romania, 1995)
Fernando Fracassi and Remus Georgescu (Composer and Conductor) during a rehearsal at National Theater of Constanța (Romania, 1995)

Fernando Fracassi also collaborated with Satu Mare Philharmonic Orchestra as a Piccolo player for some symphonic productions.
In addition, he performed also as Principal Flutist with various Italian orchestras (Principal conductors: Giorgio Ferrari, Enrico De Mori and Piero Bellugi) in occasion of different Italian Summer Music Festivals.
In 1991, after a training with the Romanian conductor Emil Simon (one of the favorite student of the famous conductor Sergiu Celibidache) at his private residence in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Fernando Fracassi began his career as a soloist playing the Brandenburg Concert No. 4 in G Major of J. S. Bach under the direction of the German conductor and organist Horst Gehann and performing with the two other soloists Vasile Foica (Flute) and Istvan Kostandi (violin) both tenured members of the Oradea´s State Philharmonic Orchestra.

Fernando - Horst Gehann - Oradea - 1991 - 29 anni
Horst Gehann (Organist, Conductor) and Fernando Fracassi – First career Solo Concert (Oradea, Romania, 1991)

Later, Fernando Fracassi has been invited to perform at Antonio Vivaldi Festival (Bucharest) and W. A. Mozart Festival (Cluj-Napoca). In these occasions, he performed respectively the Solo Concerts No. 2 (La Notte) and No. 3 (Il Gardellino) by A.Vivaldi with the Romanian Broadcasting Chamber Orchestra (conductor: Alexander Morosanu) such as the Concert in C major for flute, harp and orchestra by W.A.Mozart together with the Hungarian harpist Nagy Emese and the conductor Aurel Niculescu (Romanian Broadcasting Orchestra) with the accompaniment of the Cluj-Napoca Philharmonic Orchestra.
In this period, he made experiences also in the field of Contemporary Music working for the Department of Contemporary Music of the New York University (particularly with the composers Robert Sirota, former Dean of the Contemporary Music Department at NYU, and Dinu Ghezzu, former Professor of Contemporary Music Composition) and the double bass player Peter Kinda with whom Fernando Fracassi realized several Contemporary Music recitals in Hungary and Romania.
The recording of the Second Suite for flute and jazz piano trio by Claude Bolling (Crossover), made with orchestra colleagues, members of the Oradea State Philharmonic Orchestra, was performed and recorded during this years, in 1993.

Fernando - Bolling Quartet (2)- Oradea - 1993 - 31 anni
Paolo Subrizi (Piano), Fernando Fracassi (Flutes), László Orbán (Percussions), Peter Kinda (Double Bass) – Oradea, Romania, 1991

Before his temporary return to Italy, in 1997, Fernando Fracassi hold his last Solo Concert with the accompaniment of the Oradea State Philharmonic Orchestra at the Savoia Theater of his native town, Campobasso (see photo below) and played a recital for the Romanian Academy of Rome (Italy) where he has been also guest speaker at various cultural events (we remember between them the book presentation of Flatus Vocis by Corrado Bologna, Director of the Philosophy Department at La Sapienza University of Rome).

Solo Concert with the Oradea State Philharmonic Orchestra (Campobasso, Italy, 1991)
Solo Concert with the Oradea State Philharmonic Orchestra (Campobasso, Italy, 1994)

Italian 1997-2007


After the long work experience in Romania, Fernando Fracassi thought to come back to his native Country for a period and continue there his career as a recitalist, orchestra player, soloist and Flute teacher. Between the most representative recitals of this period, we remember a successful performance of Fernando Fracassi in duo with the Romanian harpsichordist Cipriana Smarandescu at the Romanian Academy of Rome (2003).
The live activity of Fernando Fracassi has been very intense at this time especially in the fields of Chamber Music and Easy Listening. They born the interests for Music Therapy and Electronic-Acoustic Music exactly during this stay.
Fernando Fracassi studied Music Therapy in active modality with the Argentinian psychiatrist Rolando Benenzon at Anni Verdi Association of Rome.
Besides, he made several concerts using live electronics in combination with different flutes and piccolos.
The love for World Music and his great passion for Electronic Music prompted Fernando Fracassi to undertake a parallel activity of composer alongside that of performer. As mentioned above, he started to collect various ethnic flutes and piccolos coming from all over the world during his travel and performances around the world. Some of his musical instruments are shown in the photo below.

Fernando Fracassi with part of the flutes, piccolos and recorders belonging to his private collection

In 2000, Fernando Fracassi began Piccolo Soloist at the Italian Army Symphonic Band, ensemble conducted by Fulvio Creux. He cooperated as a Piccolo soloist of this ensemble with the Southern Mississippi University (Prof. Thomas Fraschillo (see: Testimonials), Prof. David Gregory, Prof. Luigi Zaninelli, Hattiesburg, USA) for some recordings such as performed, as an orchestra player, to various editions of the Spoleto Festivals (Umbria, Italy) playing in concert together with the celebrated tenor Luciano Pavarotti.
He also took part as Piccolo Soloist of the Italian Army Symphonic Band to various recording for the label Scomegna (Turin, Italy) including a solo concert (Gaetano Labanchi: Concert for Piccolo, Alto Clarinet in Eb, Clarinet and Symphonic Band).
Besides, he became Piccolo Solo at the European Union Military Band, based in Breda (The Netherlands) as an Italian representative of the Military Bands of his native Country. He played for Her Majesty the Queen Beatrix of Holland during the gala concert of the Golden (50th) Military Taptoe of Breda (2005).
In the same year, Fernando Fracassi had an intense international concerts activity as a Piccolo Soloist. He performed for the President of the Italian Republic Professor Carlo Azeglio Ciampi at the Santa Cecilia Main Hall of the new Parco della Musica Auditorium of Rome. The concert was broadcast live worldwide from RAI International, one of the Italian State broadcasts.
Fernando Fracassi also made a tour of concerts in USA as a member of the Italian Army Symphonic Band and played as a Piccolo soloist both at St. Feliciano Auditorium of Lodi (New Jersey) and the famous Rockefeller Center Gardens of New York City for the celebrations of the Columbus Day 2004 Edition. For this occasion, he held also a live interview for the celebrated CBS of New York City during the popular national broadcast ‘Good Morning America’.
In 2007, Fernando Fracassi achieved his second Master Degree in Classical Chamber Music Performance and Education at the Higher College of Musical Studies of Teramo (Italy) under the guidance of the pianist Luciano Cerroni.
Classical Chamber Music and World Music constitute one of the primary interests of Fernando Fracassi since that time near the Electronic-Acoustic Music.



Fernando Fracassi and Placido Domingo
Placido Domingo at The Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra during the rehearsals for the Official Opening of the Royal Opera House (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 2011)

After the tour in USA, Fernando Fracassi left definitively Italy to work in Sweden as a freelancer. Besides, he had also an exceptional collaboration with the Swedish Institute of Cultural Studies based in Rome. During this period, he studied in deep Composition and, especially, each performance technique of his ethnic flutes and piccolos. He increased his research in History and Aesthetics of Music such as the new techniques for flute in Contemporary Music repertoire.
In 2009, Fernando Fracassi has been invited to hold the position of Flute Teacher and Wind Ensemble Tutor at the Royal Guards of Oman Military School of Music in Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) and worked under His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for four years.
Indeed, during the following years (2010-2013), he worked at the Royal Guards of Oman Military School of Music (RGOMSM), the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra (ROSO) and the Muscat Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (MRPO) with the same professional roles. He had then a collaboration with the English celebrated flutist William Bennett, one of his first teachers after the achievement of the Master Degree in Flute, for the masterclass of the British flutist in the Sultanate of Oman (2009).
In the same year, Fernando Fracassi cooperated also with the Göethe-Institut Gulf Region (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 2009).

Fernando Fracassi and William Bennett
William Bennett at The Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra during a masterclass of the British flutist with the participations of some Fernando Fracassi’s Omani students (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 2011)

Besides, from one month before the official opening of the new Royal Opera House in Muscat, Fernando Fracassi collaborated with the famous tenor Placido Domingo to train the Flute Department ot the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra for the Opening Gala Concert conducted by Eugene Kuhn.

Fernando Fracassi and Eugene Kuhn
Eugene Kuhn at The Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra during the rehearsals for the Official Opening of the Royal Opera House ((Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 2011)



When the experience in the Middle East was ended, Fernando Fracassi moved to South Africa to the city of Stellenbosch, a nice location, famous for its wine farms, in the nearby of Cape Town. Here, he had the precious occasion to perform with various local musicians and refine his preparation in Latin Jazz. He played with Mike Rossi, American saxophone player and Professor at the University of Music of Cape Town (see: Testimonials) and collaborated with UNISA, The University of South Africa (Pretoria) taking part to a project dedicated to disadvantaged children and called Soshanguve Music Project and Orchestra (see photo below).

Soshanguve Orchestra Musicians and Fernando Fracassi
Fernando Fracassi during his masterclass for UNISA, University of South Africa (Pretoria) dedicated to South African disadvantaged children and concerning the humanitarian project ‘Soshanguve Music Project and Orchestra’ (Soshanguve, Tswane, Republic of South Africa, 2013)

He worked under the guidance of the former Dean of Music Department, Professor Arisa Vogel (see: Testimonials) for this project.
Near to this engagement, Fernando Fracassi made recitals in duo with the South African cello player Berthine van Schoor and the guitar player James Grace. Besides, he had also a collaboration with the Dante Alighieri Society, Branch of Cape Town. Due the difficult social situation of that time in South Africa, the interest for Music Therapy for Children become very important for Fernando Fracassi who decided to dedicate part of his studies to the use of Music Therapy in preschool children.
He patented and developed than a new method called: LDM, Linguistic Development and Music for children aged from 6 months to 3 years old based on the psychological system of Jean Piaget in relation to the Developmental Age.
In South Africa, He also founded his company Fernando Fracassi Productions Ltd. It will become Fernando Fracassi Music starting from January 2018 when the flutist decided to come back to Europe and, more exactly, to be resident permanently in Germany.
He began the activity of playwright together with the foundation of his company. The first show Babesch was ispired to the History of Western Classical Music from J.S.Bach to F.Poulenc and this story with music is performed also today by Fernando Fracassi since its first public performance in 2013. The homonym CD contains all compositions played during the show and includes music by J.S.Bach, L, v. Beethoven, G. Donizetti, P. Schubert, P. Hindemith, F. Poulenc near works of many other composers of various centuries (click here to listen to some compositions included in the CD).
The theatrical performances of Fernando Fracassi are conceived from his very first work primarily for educational purposes according to the model of his inspires Dario Fo (Nobel Price for Literature, 1997) and the famous Italian actor Giorgio Albertazzi.



Fernando Fracassi and Hariprasad Chaurasia
Hariprasad Chaurasia (Hindustani Indian Bansuri Flute Player) after a concert at Hong Kong City Hall (Hong Kong, China, 2015)

Fernando Fracassi moved to China in 2015 to experiment his new method LDM, Linguistic Development and Music at Babysteps – Focus Media Hong Kong, an organization dedicated particularly to preschool children coming from various Countries in the world.
Near the concerts, recitals and Flute teaching, Fernando Fracassi dedicated a great part of his time to apply his system of Music learning to the preexisting local educational programs. The results were surprising enough to induce Fernando Fracassi to import his method also in Europe.
His memorable concert at Hong Kong City Hall as a Solo flutist with the accompaniment of the Hong Kong Symphonia Orchestra conducted by Sown Lee Choi belongs to this period.



Fernando Fracassi in 'Lebensmelodien´
Kunsthaus Michel, Würzburg, Germany, 2018 – ‘Lebensmelodien’ – Recorders, Böhm and Ethnic Flutes, Piccolo, WX5 and Live Electronics – Solo Recital

Fernando Fracassi arrived to Germany in autumn 2015. He lived and worked as a freelancer in Munich for two years and, near his activity of flutist and composer, he began his research and studies about Receptive Music Therapy and the application of Music in Imagery or treatment of Stress diseases. This new interest concerned principally the relation between the effect of Music on the psycho-physical body. Fernando Fracassi translates his studies in musical compositions which were created to be used by professionals for therapeutic purposes during Psychotherapy or Counseling sessions. He began a collaboration with various certified therapists elaborating his own listening program on a thematic basis for therapeutic use.
At the same time, his passion for Electronics, used in combination with flutes, piccolos and recorders, became his primary interest and Electronic-Acoustic Music represent today his first music genre performed by the artist near Classical Chamber Music and Solo Concerts for flute or piccolo as mentioned above.
In the field of Classical Chamber Music, Fernando Fracassi had recitals for the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences (Mönchengladbach, 2017) and at the seat of the company Steinway & Sons, Branch of Munich (Rubinsteinsaal, 2018) such as the Carl Maria von Weber Museum and Summer Memorial House (Dresden) where he played the 6 Sonatas for violin and piano by the German composer arranged for flute and piano (pianist: Serena Chillemi) as a first public performance at the Carl Maria von Weber’s summer residence (watch the video here).



Flute students at Barenboim-Said Foundation, ramallah, 2019
Fernando Fracassi with some of his students at the annual Flute course @ Daniel Barenboim-Edward Said Foundation (Ramallah, West Bank, 2019)

Despite being resident in Germany, Fernando Fracassi desired to come back to Middle East for a second experience of work at the Daniel Barenboim-Edward Said Foundation based in Ramallah (West Bank) and he accepted to hold there an annual course for young flutists. Unfortunately, Fracassi stayed and taught in this city only for eight months because the not-easy social and political situation. Nonetheless, he dedicated his experience to young Palestinian flutists by also joining the project of founding a new local youth orchestra, the Filistine Youth Musician Orchestra, with which he made a tour in Turkey performing alongside his young students in major theaters of this nation under the guidance of Eugeniy Chevkenov.

Fernando Fracassi - Portrait
Fernando Fracassi – Flute Teacher at Daniel Baremboim/Edward Said Foundation, Ramallah, West Bank (2018-2019)

Today this new musical reality operate side-by-side near the preexisting Western Eastern Diwan Orchestra which is based in Seville (Spain) and is conducted by Daniel Barenboim. Both the Institutions propose their selves as a dialogue structure between Arab and Jewish culture in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Although operating in a problematic context, Fernando Fracassi continued his Piccolo and Flute teaching activity through online lessons and webinars as well as he wrote and performed live a commissioned theater show for the Italian Consulate in Jerusalem dedicated to the 500th anniversary from the death of Leonardo da Vinci (see photo below).

Leonardo and Music
Al Haqawati National Palestinian Theater (Jerusalem, Israel, 2019)

The concert-lesson, made in form of story in music like the previous Babesch (2013), was included in the framework of the official celebrations of the Italian Republic dedicated to the great Italian genius and performed for the first time at Al Haqawati National Palestinian Theater (Jerusalem, Israel, 2019), the oldest theater of Jerusalem.



Fernando Fracassi (Portrait, 2019)

In 2018, Fernando Fracassi has been invited to hold a workshop about Music, Imagery and Stress Management at the Kairos Congress organized by the Akademie Heiligenfeld GmbH (Bad Kissingen, 2018), one of the most important specialized hospital center for the treatment of stress diseases in Germany.
During the following year, he participated to various conferences, workshops and seminars about Imaginative Psychotherapy held by very well-known experts. We count among them a workshop led by the Professor Claudio Widmann and organized by IPA, Institute of Applied Psychology of Turin (Italy) founded and managed by the Italian psychotherapist Alessandro Lombardo.
After this experience, Fernando Fracassi elaborated a new system to manage Stress diseases through Relaxation and Imagery using original Imaginative Music performed live on various flutes and electronics such as Imaginative Music and Drama Improvisation based on the Konstantin Sergeievich Stanislavski System for Actors with the integration of Alexander Technique exercises and Music.
Among his most recent and successful collaborations are the one with Brazilian guitarist Nelson Latif and Chilean percussionist Alfonso Garrido held at the Reichenberg Guitar Master 2020 (founder and artistic director: Reinhold Deinhardt, watch video) in the homonymous German town.

Currently, Fernando Fracassi lives in Würzburg, Germany. He teaches mainly online and hold workshops and performances internationally.
In Germany, he has his permanent residence and the headquarters of his company (Fernando Fracassi Music) such as a recording and rehearsals private studio where he performs music programs with his collaborators for live performances or recording, composes his music and realizes his arrangements.
At his residence, he also has a wide and well equipped paper and multimedia library where he spent part of his working time preparing his articles for specialized newspapers and magazines, books, methods, seminars, theatrical shows (Stories with music or original plays) and workshops.
His work at his recording studio (FFM Recording Studio) is mostly focused on the composition and performance of Electronic-Acoustic Music through the use of a complex electronic equipment in combination with several musical instruments belonging to its private collection and consisting in ancients and modern recorders, flutes and piccolos such as ethnic or amplified flutes and piccolos.
Near this productions, he carries out original soundtracks and backing tracks such as E-Learning and digital audio supports for Education in collaboration with other artists, intellectual or other professionals.
Besides, he is specialized as a composer and performer in Soundtracks for movies, television, radio or theater, documentaries, Music for Imagery or Relaxation, Stress and Sleeping management through finalized Music programs (Imaginative Music) such as Classical Chamber Music and Contemporary Music.
In addition, he shares different musical and cultural projects with international companies or cultural State Institutions and Foundations through his company Fernando Fracassi Music.
In relation to his live activities, Fernando Fracassi make tours internationally for recitals and solo concerts (Elettro-Acoustic and Classical Chamber Music mostly), masterclasses (Flute, Piccolo, Recorder, Ethnic Flutes, Chamber Music), Imaginative Music (conferences, seminars and workshops) and his theater shows (Stories with Music).
Besides, he is often invited as a guest artist or speaker to perform at concerts, festivals or other cultural events included Comparative Arts projects (Literature, Performing and Visual Arts, Philosophy and Sociology), books exhibitions and Experimental Psychology events.

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