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German flag Fernando Fracassi Music is a sole proprietorship. It has been founded in September 2017 in Germany by Fernando Fracassi.

The sole proprietorship is active in various areas of knowledge. It has the goal to plan, produce, distribute and share Fernando Fracassi´s artistic or educational projects near to promote other activities in partnership with similar companies, associations, private or State institutions worldwide.

The principal tasks of Fernando Fracassi Music are:

a) the planning, management, implementation and promotion of public and private concerts (House Concerts), recitals or events with the participation of Fernando Fracassi and/or other artists hired for individual projects but not employed;

b) the creation, printing, production, promotion and distribution of audiovisual (cd, mp 3, DVD, blu ray), musical scores and books in print or digital format (e-books) in relation to creative works of Fernando Fracassi;

c) the planning, management, implementation and promotion of cultural events: conferences, courses, educational projects, individual or group lessons, masterclasses and seminars with the participation or under the guidance of Fernando Fracassi;

d) the planning, management, implementation and promotion of Comparative Arts projects related to all Performing (Cinema, Dance, Theatre), Literary Arts (Literature, Poetry), Visual Arts (Painting, Photography, Sculpture) or Philosophy in combination with Music with the intervention of Fernando Fracassi and/or other artists hired for individual projects but not employed;

e) the planning, management, implementation and promotion of Counselling and Music activities in receptive or active modality (conferences, lessons, seminars, individual or group sessions, workshops, etc.) with a particular focus on the Konstantin Sergeevič Alekseev Stanislawsky Method for actors in combination with Counselling and Music in active modality (Fracassi / Stanislawsky Method) and the Alexander Technique.

The events are performed by Fernando Fracassi in cooperation with concert, cultural or no-profit associations, senior centres, cultural institutes, foreign embassies, foundations, music ensembles, orchestras, managers, schools, theatres, universities, etc.

In the field of Counselling and Music, all the activities for disables or Clients under medical, pharmacological, psychiatric or psychological therapy will be performed only and strictly in collaboration with certified professionals in the areas mentioned above. Fernando Fracassi Music do not offer any medical or psychological treatment or other kind of professional intervention (therapies) in the fields of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Medicine to his Clients.

Fernando Fracassi Music has its own recording studio for the production of audio and video by Fernando Fracassi or commissioned works.

In addition, Fernando Fracassi Music offers a professional audio and video service for all live events with the participation of the artist in the eventuality that it is not provided by the management.

Fundraising is periodically managed by Fernando Fracassi Music to support particular events dedicated to disadvantaged people and give assistance to families with a difficult economical or social situation in their process of integration and socialisation. It concerns mostly projects fin the fields of Health or Education.



(Aree di competenza / Kompetenzbereiche)

  1. Live Music and Management
  2. Music Label, Productions and Editions
  3. Education
  4. Comparative Arts Projects
  5. Home Recording Studio
  6. Audio Service
  7. Performing Arts for Counselling
  8. Alexander Technique



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